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    An asset is anything of value that confers advantage to you. Your estate plan surely provides for your financial and real property assets. Your digital assets are just as valuable as any other… and if you haven’t already created a digital estate plan, now’s the time to do so. Gradually computers are taking over many […]

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    The Holy Grail of this technology would be to use one molecule to store one bit. For the near future, it would be more realistic to expect to have systems that use large groups of molecules to represent a single bit. Different types of molecules have been researched, including protein molecules. A more precise name […]

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  • Crypto Crisis

    Crypto Crisis

    It would be necessary for the error to spread to all blockchain computers, which is almost impossible in a network as large and growing as Bitcoin’s. This could include transactions, votes in elections, product inventories and state identifications. Deeds of homes can also be affected. The records stored on the Bitcoin blockchain are protected by encryption. The only […]

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    The short-term effects of marijuana start to diminish after about 1 to 3 hours. Most blood tests detect cannabis use within the past 2 to 12 hours. It can be detected up to 30 days after the last use in cases of heavy cannabis use. The detection time is longer if it’s been used regularly. The amount of weed […]

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  • Patch Management Vs Vulnerability Management

    Patch Management Vs Vulnerability Management

    The internet has linked to a growing number of devices and systems around the world. Cyber-attackers and black-hat hackers are able to penetrate systems to increase the threat of cyber-thefts, and the threat of cyber-attacks is now greater than ever before, thereby calling out for security management. Every single place where sensitive information is kept or important […]